You know sometimes friends do not realise just how lonely you can get when you are not married or in a relationship.  They think that magically you must be BUSY, after all isn’t everyone?  The answer is actually yes, but the difference is you are busy ALONE.  As in occupying time so you don’t feel so alone.

When you contact people they say “I’m so busy”, code speak for “what do you want?”  Or is it “I’m so important, and so in demand, don’t have time for you? “   It can be many things, and sometimes “ I’ve got my own troubles don’t bother me”.

When you are alone people don’t understand that you have no one to talk to, that you really are ALONE; or at least feel that way. One cannot expect them to understand when they have others around them. Does this mean when there are others you don’t feel alone?  Not so, you can share the same space with another and feel isolated, you can be in the midst of a crowd, and feel alone.  So what is this alone-thingy?

I have come to the conclusion it’s a state of mind, a yearning for companionship, a need to identify, a need to feel loved?  The remedy, perhaps, to reach out to others and say hello, but don’t get offended if they don’t feel like answering and love yourself as you would be loved.

Enjoy Your Day ~Your Life~
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