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Your Essential Homeopathy First Aid Kit

The online Homeopathic First Aid will be your Essential First Aid Kit for every eventuality come Spring Summer Autumn and Winter. It is packed with homeopathic remedies for common ailments like allergies, nausea, bits, stings, burns, bleeding, fractures, diarrhoea and vomiting, and so much more. You will be equipped for most minor issues and some bigger ones too. Plus you get to learn really useful information AND have 4 group calls with me in person.

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Package price: £180

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We Offer a Free 30 Minute Chat

This is an informal chat to discuss whether Homeopathy is the right healing modality for you.

Health Check

In the Health Check we go into a little more detail to ascertain more detail about the issues and symptoms that bother you most.

Homeopathy for Chronic Conditions

A chronic condition is one that you may have had for some time and is continuous. These would be conditions like diabetes, asthma, Arthritis, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, M.E, MS.  Homeopathy is not a magic bullet, what it will do is help you physically, mentally, and emotionally restore to a natural state of balance facilitating improved health and greater vitality.

Homeopathy for mother & toddler

Being a mum can have you filled to the brim with love, and then sometimes scary when your child gets sick or exhibits symptoms of discomfort and distress.  Homeopathy is both gentle and effective and non-addictive.  Children tend respond positively to homeopathic remedies.  Many parents report feeling greater reassurance that they are able to help their own child in a safe way.

Family Homeopathy

Maybe you have more than one child in your family, so when one gets unwell, so can your other children.  Or perhaps if one child is needing ‘special’ attention your other children become agitated and can become more demanding for your attention?  Homeopathy is an ideal ‘go to’ family resource for everyday ailments.

Acute Homeopathy

Is when you need help to recover from surgery, sporting accident or injury, or maybe an acute stress response to a substance or situation.  The great thing about homeopathy is its capacity to treat not just physical symptoms, but mental and emotional ones as well.  Some remedies we use in specific circumstances can initiate rapid relief.


Tuesday 10.00 – 14.00
Wednesday 14.00 – 18.00
Thursday 17.00 – 20.00
Saturday 14.00 – 17.00

Contact Francesca to make a booking or discuss a consultation


Free 30 minute Chat

  • Book this if you want to have a chat prior to booking your first Consultation.

Health Check

  • 30 minutes @ £55.00
  • This is where we examine through questions and discuss your current health status & how homeopathy can help you

First Consultation      

  • 90 minutes @ £85
  • Book this if I have never seen you before as a patient.

Follow up Consultation  

  • 45 minutes @ £65
  • Book this if I have seen you as a patient before

Acute Consultation   

  • 30 minutes @ £55
  • Book this if I have seen you as a patient and you are requiring additional help


Where can I have an appointment?

We see clients via Skype or Zoom as this has proven to be the most effective and convenient, for clients, it reduces travel stress and is time efficient for everyone. All appointments are held within normal business hours.   We have clients from all over the UK and your consultation appointment will be via a secured and private video call.

We are based in Hertfordshire and happy to travel to you if you live locally and you are unable to leave the house.  We often make home visits to new mums and elderly clients and clients with severe chronic disease. However, we do add a small additional charge to cover travelling time and petrol. 

When can I get an appointment?

Please see our practice hours above

What happens at an appointment?

A homeopathic consultation spans many areas of your life and your history; in order to develop an accurate holistic picture of you as an individual.  You will be given the opportunity to tell us all about your ailments.  We are also interested to know, for example, about how your symptoms feel to you, exactly where you feel any pain or sensation, what makes it better or worse, whether it is better or worse at any time of the day or night, whether you have any accompanying symptoms and when they started.  We will also be interested in any other symptoms you have.  We ask questions about your life to obtain a holistic picture of you. We may ask about your sleep, your diet, daily activity and your medical history and medications, your family history, your likes and dislikes and the stresses in your life.  All of which help analysis of the best and most appropriate homeopathic remedies for you.

If you are bringing your child to a first appointment, please bring their “Red Book”, and let us know in advance the appointment is for a baby, toddler, or child under 10yrs.

First adult appointments take up to 1hr 15minutes; follow up appointments are 30-45 minutes. 

What medicine will I be given?

Homeopathic medicines, known as a remedy, are non-toxic, non-addictive, safe, gentle, and effective.  They are derived from natural sources and are usually prescribed in the form of a small, pillule, which can also be given in an easily dissolvable form. All instructions as to how to take your remedy will be provided verbally and in writing.  Your remedy will be posted, after your consultation, to be with you within 5 working days of your appointment. 

How much does it cost?

Please see our fees below.

All remedies are included in the cost of your consultation (excluding Mother Tinctures, LM potencies and herbal remedies) These remedies come in bottles the weight of which incur higher postal charges. If this is required, we will request your approval of the additional postal cost in advance.  Prescribed. Remedies will be posted after your appointment to be with you within 5 days.

Reasonable telephone/email support between appointments is also included in the cost of the consultation to existing clients.  

Please be mindful that if you miss a booked, single standalone appointment, and have not given us 48hours prior notice of cancellation you will be charged the full cost of the consultation, as the appointment otherwise could have been given to someone else in urgent nee

How many appointments will I need?

It is usual to have a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment to monitor your progress and reaction to the remedy.  At this follow-up we will agree a plan for future appointments.  It is usual to continue treatment for chronic complaints for anything between 4-9 appointments, although each case is different and depends on your personal circumstances.

For instance, how long you have been experiencing symptoms, other medication you are taking and your response to the homeopathic remedy.