Changing habits for changing times

Normally around December/January time I am making my New Years Resolutions. aims objectives, vision board etc.   But for some bizarre reason my resolutions are starting early, like now.

So how do I want my 2022 to look, well quite frankly, an improvement on 20/21 would be a start.

My focus in the recent past has been health and maintaining or improving it.     I have been dispensing a lot of Arsenicum for fear of poor health and Aconite for fear of loss of health, Aurum Metalicum for feelings of despondency and St John’s Wort.   Natrum Sulphuricum, ipecac, kali Bichromicum, plus recommending root ginger to help clear the lungs and throat. You can even pop in salad, stir fry or soups.   Also, a lot of remedies for emotional support such as Gelsenium to deal with that frustrated feeling or Avena Sativa to calm the nervous system, Passiflora to aid sleep, and a mix of the B group of vitamins plus Vitamin D3 and K2; which helps absorption of the other vitamins and of course vitamin C to also support the immune system.

Now I wish to focus on a future that is bright, filled with awesome opportunity for vibrant health, joy, laughter, togetherness, and optimism.

Setting up my physical, mental and emotional systems is the smart way to lay the foundation for a vibrant new year and a different life offering new opportunities and exciting horizons.  If we all embark on this individually and collectively, surely our world can be more peaceful and compassionate inhabited by healthy people who are strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Afterall we are the creator of our own world, both internal and external, so putting some thought into that which we wish to create makes sense.  So does being mindful of what we ingest mentally and physically.  Just remember to keep those thoughts joyful optimistic. 

My future looks bright, how’s yours looking, play, have fun, get creative.

Wishing you wellness and happiness as we all step into the unknown exciting times ahead.

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Picture source : Pixabay