Now is the Perfect time to boost your immunity so you have your best most vibrant 2021


Asthma/Bronchitis and other respiratory conditions ∞ Gastritis/Peptic Ulcers and other digestive issues ∞ Thyroid issues over/under active ∞ Irritable Bowel Syndrome ∞ Ulcerative Colitis ∞ Crohn’s Disease ∞ Indigestion ∞ High Blood Pressure ∞ Migraines

Many of these conditions are chronic in nature and have been present for some time.  Because we have lived with them over time, we accept them, they become our “normal”  But these conditions are not “normal” they are indicators of imbalance within your physical system that need addressing to improve your health & vitality. Many Homeopathic Remedies are sourced from the plant kingdoms and can offer gentle restoration back to health.


Are you a teenager who stress over their acne or eczema or embarrassing cold sores?  Perhaps its hay fever that gets you every year.  I used to get hay fever badly, now I start treating both myself and clients around late January/February.  I can hear you say that its too early, but no it is not.  You see when you treat the hay fever prior to the season you are setting up the body with the resources to be less reactive.  Over time the hay fever reaction

Now is the best time ever to boost your immunity & stop the snuffles & sniffles & other things like  Acme ∞ Eczema ∞ Psoriasis   ∞ Herpes  ∞ Hair Loss  ∞  Cold Sores  ∞  Hay Fever  ∞ Laryngitis  ∞  Rhinitis  ∞  Sinusitis ∞  sore throat  ∞  common cold & flu  ∞   nausea headaches  ∞  PMS  ∞  hot flushes  ∞  incontinence ∞  vaginitis ∞ cystitis  We could give a list of Homeopathic remedies for each and everyone of the above named. However, Homeopathy does not treat symptoms, but the whole person. We look at the causes, the history and the manifestation.  We then search for remedies that match the issue or issues presented; to find the exact remedy’s especially for you


Do you suffer with aches and pains?  We often get them particularly around Wintertime and now maybe not exercising like our bodies are used to, those annoying aches and pains creep back.  There is often a myriad of causes for such issues, do not ignore them.  your body deserves loving attention either in the form of food, exercise, selfcare or homeopathy.  Below are some issues you may be familiar with?

Arthritis Rheumatic or Osteo Arthritis ∞ Aches, pains & stiffness ∞ Back pain ∞ Sprains ∞ Sports Injuries ∞ Neuralgia  ∞  Sciatica  ∞  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ∞ shoulder pain  ∞  knee pain.  If any of these are your issue homeopathy can help


(please note all consultations are being conducted online via zoom or another platform in the interests of your safety at this time)

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