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My Question to you – What if your Kindness is your Weakness?

This was said to me some time ago, then, I thought how can kindness be a weakness?  I really couldn’t get my head round it.  Today however this phrase came back to me full force.  Why,  I realised that whilst my natural birth mother taught me that being kind and considerate was good; what she did not tell me was there are some who would seek to use that kindness to their advantage.

It’s easy if you think about it.  If you like to “please people”, in order to be liked.  then those who like to manipulate, will use that characteristic in you to get you to do what they want.  When you do not comply, they might try making you feel guilty (in order to control you).  And you being the kind soul you are willingly oblige.

OMG is this any way to carry on? I believe there has to be a better way – I did not realise before that my weakness was the kindness I was so proud of.

What have I learnt – be discerning with your kindness  but never lose your compassion.  Cultivate the art of No, but delivered with compassion.  You will feel a whole lot happier.  Others may realise they cannot manipulate you like they thought and will seek a new person with a weakness they can use to their advantage; It just won’t be me.

Here Endeth  today’s Insight

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